Human Anatomy for Artists

This course is designed for everyone interested in the human figure and its anatomy.
An understanding of human form is essential for artists to be able to represent the human body accurately and anatomically. The focus of the course is primarily on the musculoskeletal system. During the course participants will examine the underlying skeletal and muscular structures of the human body. The course is also designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the function and regulation of the human body.

The course is divided into several workshops, which can be booked separately or in combination. We will start by examining the overall organization of the body and the body proportions. Subsequently, we will focus upon specific body parts. After examining the individual elements of anatomy, we will then concentrate on the structures that most influence figure drawing. In the second part of each workshop we will be working from a life model. We will finish off with a group discussion. Basic drawing skills are required to take part in the course. The course is not suitable for complete beginners.

During this course you will:
-explore the varied shapes of the human body and acquire a basic knowledge of human anatomy
-develop an understanding of the overall structure of the body (cell, tissue, organ and system organization as well as their relationships to each other)
– learn basic proportions of the body and use the correct terms to describe body structures
-understand how the musculoskeletal system and other body systems influence the human figure
-learn to produce anatomically correct drawings of the human body